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We are constantly adapting our services to meet the needs of an evolving industry, both from a regulatory and an operating standpoint.

Consumer Loan Portfolio Risk Analysis and Collateral Valuation

Your risk does not wait until the end of the month, why should you? At 2020 Analytics, you can upload your loan data and run your portfolio analytics in just a few minutes.

Loan Portfolio Analysis

2020 Analytics works with raw data extracted from your core and integrates this data into Business Intelligence Platforms enabling you to better understand your portfolio behavior.

Collateral Valuation and Credit Scoring

We take the stress out of your data updates, providing credit scores, automobile and real estate values, including superior mortgages on junior liens.

Concentration Risk Assessment / Stress Analysis

2020’s solutions allow you to clearly measure, evaluate and set concentration limits based on your long-term goals and risk appetite. Stress Analysis allows you to measure how changes in economic factors could alter future performance.

Current Expected Credit Loss (CECL) Implementation

2020 Analytics offers several solutions to assist you in compiling and storing the required data, regardless of data processor, in order to calculate your CECL reserve. These models run under multiple scenarios utilizing both the vintage (static pool) and probability of default methodologies.

2020 Analytics

Proactive Credit Card Credit Line Management Solutions (CLIP)

2020 Analytics helps credit unions evaluate their current cardholders to optimize credit limits by identifying members most likely to increase the use of their cards if additional limits were extended.


Peer Analytics

Our platform gives you the ability to see how your credit union stacks up against your custom peer group and evaluate factors such as portfolio composition, interest rates and other relevant attributes.


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